Beyond What You See
Did you ever find out if Annabelle can go out into the sunlight? And if not, is there any non deadly way of finding out?

~Lust: “Ah yes, our dearest Annabelle is indeed capable of traveling out in the sunlight.” the Gardevoir answered as he glanced towards their  daughter, who had been playing outside with Regent, or so he thought. “I am relieve that she does not share such a horrible fate that is my own…”

~Annabelle: “Keep still mister Swishy, I’m sure those Durants won’t be tempted to kill you, just as long as you don’t scream. Look on the bright side, maybe you’ll only come out with only a few injuries this time~.”

Oh sweet moments with zhe blanket buddies? (Nox and Rayn)



#15: Attend a fancy dinner

"…I still don’t see why I have to wear these clothes…"

(( Night themed restaurant? Yes. ))

((Thank you Erii ;v; ))

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Lust how would you feel if someone kissed your little girl?

The slime-like Gardevoir slowly turned his head at a 180 degree angle to look directly at the intruder, eyes wide as they could be as he slowly opened his mouth to speak.


Whisper: Suddenly rolls in front of Pride as she flops onto the ground for a few seconds. She suddenly springs back up as she presses her face against Pride's as her eyes narrowed a bit. "Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?"

If one listened closely, they could hear the high-pitched screeching that came mysteriously from Mt. Coronet that day. What was the origin of it? Some may say it was a screaming Mankey, others claim it to be a new type of Pokemon. They may never know.

How did Rayn and Basile become friends?

"That’s a funny story actually." began the Zoroark as she scratched the side of her head. "Basile is actually my former guild master’s son. When I sent a letter saying I was on my way to become a guild-master like himself, he decided to send over his son as my first student, all the way from Hoenn. We had a rough start, and I admit, there were moments where we couldn’t meet eye-to-eye, but after a while we got along." Rayn smiled, glancing up to her mane as soft snoring came from the frog-like pokemon that rested on top.

;”Miss, if you’re friends with a fire type, won’t they burn you?”
“No no, they’ll keep you warm on cool nights and warm your heart as well.”
“Miss, if you’re friends with an electric type, won’t they shock you?”
“No, their energy will make you laugh and brighten your mood when you are down.”
“Miss, if you’re friends with a dragon type, won’t they eat you?”
“I certainly hope not, their loyalty and brave might will protect you when you are in danger.”
“Miss, if you’re friends with a rock type, won’t they crush you?”
“Not exactly, their sturdiness and determination will be bound to make you try harder.”
“Miss, if you’re friends with a ghost type, won’t they scare you?”
“Nope, they’ll protect you at night while you sleep and keep the bad dreams away.”
“Miss, am I your friend?”
“Of course, and I promise I’ll protect you as long as I’m around.”

"Can we roast marshmallows, miss?""Of course.""Can I help you set up the tent, miss?""Of course.""Can I help you hunt for food, miss?""Of course.""Can we sing campfire songs, miss?""Of c- oh I….I don’t know how to sing.""Don’t worry, I’ll sing for you!"

"Can we roast marshmallows, miss?"
"Of course."
"Can I help you set up the tent, miss?"
"Of course."
"Can I help you hunt for food, miss?"
"Of course."
"Can we sing campfire songs, miss?"
"Of c- oh I….I don’t know how to sing."
"Don’t worry, I’ll sing for you!"

"I’m a fucking over-sized hairball."

One day puberty shall hit him, and it will hit him hard.

One day puberty shall hit him, and it will hit him hard.